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Interested in 25-man progress raiding with a three-evening schedule? Check our open positions to the top right and convince us of your raiding qualities. Exceptional applicants will always be considered, no matter class/spec recruitment status.Please submit the contact form to reach us
Recruitment is now closed but we are always recruiting exceptional applicants, no matter the class or spec.

Below is just a small look at some of the things the guild accomplished this expansion and I'm sure there will be many more in the future as we strive to improve every tier and every expansion.

We're now leaving Pandaria behind us and making our way to Draenor. Watch this space for news, first kills and videos!

Anderos a I should dig up my SS for our empress kill it seems!
Ardisus First

Warlords of Draenor is approaching and we are recruiting for our Mythic raid team!

We are on the lookout for all DPS, no matter what class or spec, but Mages, Warlocks, Hunters, Rogues and Warriors are at the top of our list at the moment. Please feel free to post an application or speak to one of our officers either in game or via the website.

Piy I will level my shaman, paladin and priest ...
royram I might be giving WOD a try, we'll see ...
Harby Maybe I should bring out my rogue! (Coz my warrior will never be able to do anything but tank ) ...
And so it ends. Garrosh finally got purged and is on his way to Draenor. Hats of to the team for sticking through the last few weeks, with raid formation getting battered due to Blizzard's repeat log-in issues. Also a big shout out to the people that have been here on all 300+ wipes and weren't in the raidframes. Tier clear ladies, where them Warlords at?

Piy big grz
Gvstoned first!
And down goes the renowned Klaxxi fight. In true Chinese tradition we shall now pan-fry their delicious insect legs and feast on their nutritious innards. Be sure to pay special attention to our ranged rolelead walking straight into a kungchong near the end!

inquisition Big Gratz fellas! /INQ
Shivendu Neka, in holland we say: Iemand makkelijk op de kast jagen. Bacislly its, that you make a comment to a person who will n ...
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