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Choo choo! Bovine meat train coming through!

Volrath Needs this ...
Hallu Agreed.
Ronin Shit video, missing this: Hallu agrees with me. ...

Looking back at this boss, one reflects upon the possibilities being reincarnated into a WoW boss would present. Imagine getting a rune of grasping hands off in the playboy mansion (you'd probably get the clap ability for free there)! The posibilities are endless! 6/10 boys, choochoo bovine meat train incoming.

"Gruuuuul Smaaasshh" From the moment this beast opened it's mouth we knew deep down there was an intelligent being trapped in that massive lump of meat and bones. Our rescue missions took a turn for the worst however when, upon slaying this foul beast, a naturally blonde female emerged.

Move aside Ah'nold, you just got terminated. Overal a very nice encounter to progress on, and one that doesn't really give a lot of room for standing in the bad stuff / presses.

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