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Highmaul - Mythic Brackenspore

Rumbo a posted Sat at 10:45
This natural monstrosity reminded us of our teenage years, where post-weekend battles with groin-based fungal and yeast infections were fairly common. With the help of our goblin friends, we put on our best tar-enchants and gave Brackenspore an industrial anti-fungal treatment. We call him Brokenspore now.

Highmaul - Mythic Twin Ogron

Rumbo a posted Mon at 13:31
Double the ogres, double the fun! More challenging than their Kargath counterpart, but still a relatively smooth shave, apart from their Mythic ability to put your camera into the wall / flag.

Highmaul - Mythic Kargath

Rumbo a posted Dec 13, 14
Furry tigers! Swirling metal chains! Impaling arm prosthetics! All them basic ingredients of your average below-counter porn combined in one playful package. Case at hand, this one was just a gentle breeze ruffling our raiding feathers when it came to difficulty. Bring on the other Highmaul shitters!

Raid-week 1 has brought us the demise of normal Highmaul, subsequently followed by heroic Highmaul bosses. As it should be, the final boss proved to be somewhat of a challenge in current gear, but we came, we saw, we *cough* stepped into a mine and we conquered. Where's them Mythic bosses at ladies?

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