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Highmaul - Mythic Twin Ogron

Rumbo a posted Mon at 13:31
Double the ogres, double the fun! More challenging than their Kargath counterpart, but still a relatively smooth shave, apart from their Mythic ability to put your camera into the wall / flag.

Highmaul - Mythic Kargath

Rumbo a posted Sat at 13:53
Furry tigers! Swirling metal chains! Impaling arm prosthetics! All them basic ingredients of your average below-counter porn combined in one playful package. Case at hand, this one was just a gentle breeze ruffling our raiding feathers when it came to difficulty. Bring on the other Highmaul shitters!

Raid-week 1 has brought us the demise of normal Highmaul, subsequently followed by heroic Highmaul bosses. As it should be, the final boss proved to be somewhat of a challenge in current gear, but we came, we saw, we *cough* stepped into a mine and we conquered. Where's them Mythic bosses at ladies?

Recruitment Open!

Plunge a posted Dec 4, 14
With Warlords of Draenor well underway and raiding beginning it is time for us to once again open our doors.

We are looking to recruit a healer and ranged DPS to bolster our ranks but exceptional applicants will always be considered! 

If you're interested please fill out the application form or contact an officer on the website or in game.
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