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Easier boss than beastlord, this roller was stopped in his tracks fairly rapidly. Let's delve deeper into the foundry team!

7 minutes of /yawn_easy, followed by 2 minutes of /wtf_is_this_dmg. If this is considered the easiest Mythic boss in BRF, I'm fairly certain we'll hit some massive brick walls on the following. Let's leap our sexy bodies at em shall we?

Highmaul - Mythic Imperator

Rumbo a posted Feb 17, 15

Replicating, fortificating and displacing to no avail, we were about to finish off Mar'Gok when lo-and-behold, Cho'Gall comes barging in uninvited and finishes him for us -.-. Unhappy with this partypooping turn of events, we decided to shove his dark star back back in his brown <no need to be graphic> and killed this two-headed monstrosity for the 2nd time.

A big thank you to the team for making the magic happen! Can't wait to smell the burnt iron orcs in Blackrock Foundry!


Piy Big grz to a mythic kill

With Highmaul cleared we are now turning our attention towards Blackrock Foundry. Before we get stuck into what is likely to be some exciting new content, I want to take the time to give a big thank you to the entire guild for making it possible to achieve Realm First, and more importantly a solid world ranking.

Without the effort of our entire raid team and the great support from our guests this wouldn't have been possible. On behalf of myself and the raiders I'd also like to give a massive thank you to the officer team for the sheer amount of work they've put in over the past couple of months.

As always, we strive to improve every tier and we've certainly done it this time around. Let's continue this into Blackrock Foundry and the tiers to follow!

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