And so it ends, after so much time spent raiding on Khadgar, Bovine has come to a stop. Over the years we shared laughter, excitement, drama, victories, losses and spent countless hours together in an effort to overcome WoW and at times life's challenges. I thank everyone that has been involved over those years and wish you all the best, in your gaming and personal lives.

More info can be found on the realm post:

Anderos a Only now noticed your post swaiy, PM'ed you.
Swaiy Can anyone post the damn mumble details? i need a shoulder to cry on

In an effort to lower the overall raid temperature of BRF, our engineers found this device called 'an oven' deep down the instance. With a name like that we were certain it was the devil's work, and decided to extinguish it by means of our "Bovine collective Golden Shower" move. Luckily this worked, and we did not have to resolve to our "Bovine collective number two" as things for certain would have turned messy then.

These Margaret Thatcher wannabes took longer than we anticipated, but in the end buckled under our pressure. 8/10 ladies, bring on the heat!

Choo choo! Bovine meat train coming through!

Volrath Needs this ...
Hallu Agreed.
Ronin Shit video, missing this: Hallu agrees with me. ...
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