And so it ends, after so much time spent raiding on Khadgar, Bovine has come to a stop. Over the years we shared laughter, excitement, drama, victories, losses and spent countless hours together in an effort to overcome WoW and at times life's challenges. I thank everyone that has been involved over those years and wish you all the best, in your gaming and personal lives.

More info can be found on the realm post:

Anderos a Only now noticed your post swaiy, PM'ed you.
Swaiy Can anyone post the damn mumble details? i need a shoulder to cry on

She bent flames, we bent her. Spoiler: she snapped :'-(.

Easier boss than beastlord, this roller was stopped in his tracks fairly rapidly. Let's delve deeper into the foundry team!

7 minutes of /yawn_easy, followed by 2 minutes of /wtf_is_this_dmg. If this is considered the easiest Mythic boss in BRF, I'm fairly certain we'll hit some massive brick walls on the following. Let's leap our sexy bodies at em shall we?

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