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Highmaul - Mythic Butcher

Rumbo a posted Jan 12, 15
Final of the pre-Impregnator bosses is now down, let's start working on Mar'Gok shall we?

Highmaul - Mythic Ko'Ragh

Rumbo a posted Jan 9, 15
Talk about having a bad day, just when his balls were about to drop, we put this shielding ogre out of his misery. Chop chop, to Butcher. The amount of innuendo in that last sentence!

Highmaul - Mythic Tectus

Rumbo a posted Dec 29, 14
This cuty-pie earth elemental was so big and cuddly, we collectively went to /hug him. Lo-and-behold, he liked this so much that he decided to clone himself. We continued caressing his offspring until they themselves decided to split up again in even more toddlers. At that point we realised these shardy elementals bore a striking similarity to crystal meth on their backs and ground em to bits. As you can see from the resulting kill video's lack of people left standing: drugs are bad!

Jày Great job guys ...
Anderos a A wild Pharise appears,
This natural monstrosity reminded us of our teenage years, where post-weekend battles with groin-based fungal and yeast infections were fairly common. With the help of our goblin friends, we put on our best tar-enchants and gave Brackenspore an industrial anti-fungal treatment. We call him Brokenspore now.

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