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In an effort to lower the overall raid temperature of BRF, our engineers found this device called 'an oven' deep down the instance. With a name like that we were certain it was the devil's work, and decided to extinguish it by means of our "Bovine collective Golden Shower" move. Luckily this worked, and we did not have to resolve to our "Bovine collective number two" as things for certain would have turned messy then.

These Margaret Thatcher wannabes took longer than we anticipated, but in the end buckled under our pressure. 8/10 ladies, bring on the heat!

Choo choo! Bovine meat train coming through!

Volrath Needs this ...
Hallu Agreed.
Ronin Shit video, missing this: Hallu agrees with me. ...

Looking back at this boss, one reflects upon the possibilities being reincarnated into a WoW boss would present. Imagine getting a rune of grasping hands off in the playboy mansion (you'd probably get the clap ability for free there)! The posibilities are endless! 6/10 boys, choochoo bovine meat train incoming.

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